Just an idea!

I want to change my lifestyle and improve my English. I guess a small blog to document my progress is the way to go. I've already got some goals and projects in mind and I am happy to share my progress with the world™.

Less fast food, more sport.

No sugar. No soft drinks. No fast food. More running, more gym, more sleep. The plan is to get rid of my belly and improve my health. Out of my experience over the last year it is way more exhausting to be a lazy piece of shit. Time to change just in time to get fit until next summer. I don't have a specific plan, but this should be a problem for now. Something I wanna do in the next couple of weeks is fasting. Eating nothing for a couple of days. Going to be fun, I guess.

Working on my blog.

The main focus for the next couple of months will be my blog about tech, privacy, OSINT and other related stuff. It benefits me on so many levels. I read more, I improve my English, I learn more about my interests, I hopefully meet new people with the same interests and some others.

I currently work on the platform. I'm going to use Pelican, which is a static site generator written in Python and host it somewhere. The theme will be really simple, responsive and easy to handle since I fucking hate to deal with web design. The domain for the blog will be penguin.sh since this is going to be main platform for all my projects. For now it is planned that on my main blog only tech related blog posts will be published, and everything off topic will be published here.

Things I am going to publish on the main blog are tutorials, guides, tests and similar stuff.

Some projects I have in mind.

Nothing specific for now, but I want to write a book, start a regular podcast and build a forum and this within the next 4 years. Ideas alone are worthless, so I share my progress rather than writing about ideas.


So, that is is for today. I'll try to publish a post every day. I am not sure what I am going to write about, but we will see. Feedback is welcome.

Have a nice day.

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